MEC 2020


The MEC committee is happy to announce this year’s Midlands Easter Conference will start from 16th to 19th April 2020, for 4 days in the COCM Centre in Milton Keynes.

MEC 2020 Poster

The theme is going to be

“Mission of our times”


and the keynote speaker will be

Rev. Dr. Paul Ng


In the 4 days conference, there are worship, theme talks, sharing, workshops and many more!

The relationship can be broken between friends, church, society – we are facing people who we cannot tolerate because of their wickedness or they are fighting against us. How are we able to forgive, to reconcile, to love?

Can we really love our enemies like Jesus told us in Matthew 5?

38 你 們 聽 見 有 話 說 : 以 眼 還 眼 , 以 牙 還 牙 。

39 只 是 我 告 訴 你 們 , 不 要 與 惡 人 作 對 。 有 人 打 你 的 右 臉 , 連 左 臉 也 轉 過 來 由 他 打 ;

40 有 人 想 要 告 你 , 要 拿 你 的 裡 衣 , 連 外 衣 也 由 他 拿 去 ;

41 有 人 強 逼 你 走 一 里 路 , 你 就 同 他 走 二 里 ;

42 有 求 你 的 , 就 給 他 ; 有 向 你 借 貸 的 , 不 可 推 辭 。

43 你 們 聽 見 有 話 說 : 當 愛 你 的 鄰 舍 , 恨 你 的 仇 敵 。

44 只 是 我 告 訴 你 們 , 要 愛 你 們 的 仇 敵 ,

為 那 逼 迫 你 們 的 禱 告 。

MEC 2020 have prepared the following workshops to equip us to deal with these situations:

  1. 真。 貞。 愛。| be on guard from the temptations of the world; how would Christians of this day and age avoid these pitfalls and traps?
  2. 忍。怨。情。仇。| how do we endure the attacks from our enemies? can we take actions in accordance to what the bible says?

4 days Camp Fee £150 !   Apply now!

Conference application form is now available, click here to apply.

The MEC 2020 will be held at COCM Mission Centre in Milton Keynes. It is a great place to meet new friends and enjoy fellowship with different people, so do come and join us!

About MEC:

MEC is an Easter Conference organised by the students fellowships within the Chinese Christian Churches in the Midlands area in United Kingdom. The 1st Conference was organised by the student fellowships from Nottingham Chinese Christian Church in 2005. MEC has been an unique opportunity for Cantonese-speaking students and adults Christians to advance their faith, to encourage and love one another and commit themselves to serve our Lord. It is also a good opportunity to bring non-Christians to know the Christian faith and life within this camp.

About Rev. Dr. Paul Ng:

Rev. Dr. Paul Ng baptised while he was studying in the secondary school in Hong Kong. He committed to his life for Jesus by giving up his job of being a teacher and went to the bible college to study. For the past 40 years, he serves in many local and overseas churches, preaches, and growing in faith with brothers and sisters.


MEC 是中英倫復活節退修營,由英國 中英倫 中文基督教教會的眾學生團契策劃。首個營會在2015由諾定咸中文教會屬下的眾學生團契舉辦。MEC 給講廣東話的學生及就業中的基督徒一個獨有的機會去讓信心成長、彼此支持、相親相愛 及 專一的事奉神。此營會還可以帶未信主的弟兄姊妹去認識基督教及其生活。
Rev. Dr. Paul Ng 吳振智牧師



大衞城文化中心  總監
基督教九龍城潮人生命堂 總主任牧師 (義務)

香港中文大學崇基學院神學院,神學士B. D.
美國國際神學院,教牧學博士D. Min

曾任   中華基督教會香港區會總幹事

現仍擔任 香港中文大學崇基學院神學院兼任講師