MEC 2019

The MEC committee is happy to announce this year’s Midlands Easter Conference will start from 12th to 15th April 2019, for 4 days in the COCM Centre in Milton Keynes.

The theme is going to be “燃亮生命 Ignite” and the keynote speaker will be Pastor Leung Wing Sin (梁永善牧師). In the 4 days conference, there are worship, theme talks, sharing, workshops and many more!

Workshops include:

a) 化解衝突 – 聖經是一本記載很多衝突的書。人與神、人與人之間不斷有衝突,教會成員也不能幸免。我們探討衝突的成因、如何面對衝突、怎樣有效地作調解者。特別從新舊約兩個個案作研討、看怎樣引入我們的生活中。

b) 聖地遊蹤 (靈修版) – 透過聖地不同的風景照看昔日些地方發生什麼事、引證聖經的真實、預言的應驗,眺望末世、值得我們反思。這次是另類的聖地遊歷。

c) 男女關係 Love affairs – 愛委實不易,我的內涵是什麼?誰是我的理想對象?同性婚姻又如何?結婚後可否離婚?如何維繫一段美好感情?

Conference Application is open now, through to 20th March 2019.

4 days Camp Fee £120 – cheapest in the UK !   Apply now!

Application form is now available, click here to apply.

The MEC 2019 will be held at COCM Mission Centre in Milton Keynes. It is a great place to meet new friends and enjoy fellowship with different people, so do come and join us!

About MEC:

MEC is an Easter Conference organised by the students fellowships within the Chinese Christian Churches in the Midlands area in United Kingdom. The 1st Conference was organised by the student fellowships from Nottingham Chinese Christian Church in 2005. MEC has been an unique opportunity for Cantonese-speaking students and adults Christians to advance their faith, to encourage and love one another and commit themselves to serve our Lord. It is also a good opportunity to bring non-Christians to know the Christian faith and life within this camp.

About Pastor Leung Wing Sin (梁永善牧師):

Rev Leung Wing Sin